We believe that your time is of great worth, and keeping an eye on it should be simple and with ease.

With Janni, we want to help you thrive, by enabling accurate and effortless visibility into your use of time.

How does Janni work?
Janni focuses not on billable hours but on You and your time happiness. Its features are simple, streamlined, and molded to the user, significantly reduce your efforts overtime. Its insights, and reporting are meaningful, helping you make informed decisions day-to-day, or during highly important projects. Created to improve your visibility, illuminating the relationship between your time and you.

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Built around you, not billable hours.

Visibility. Much more than you've experienced before.

See your last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. From A through Z. Meaningful insights and trends.

Set a target. Janni will automatically keep an eye on it.

Let you know quickly how you're doing. Glance at a report and then dive into underwhelming areas without wasting a lot of time.

Have more time for your more important things. Start spending time how you would like to.

Enjoy many benefits of making more informed decisions, such as increased knowledge, sense of self-confidence, satisfaction with your time, and decreased anxiety and feelings of conflict about your decision.

Take a look into the relationship between your time and you.

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